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Pharma in Eurasia: “Clinical trials in the EAEU- regulation and recovery strategies”

When: Thursday 22nd September 15:00-17:00 (Moscow time)
We invite you to join our virtual platform to exchange ideas and get a sense of how the current situation continues to affect clinical research, what kind of issues professionals in the sector face and how they solve them, what concerns the industry most and how the experts picture industry developing after Covid-19.

Part 1: Regulation of CT in the EAEU and the issues related to current legislative changes in the field of CT. Harmonisation and unification of the supranational EAEU legislative model and the local legislation within participating EAEU member states.

Part 2: CT sector and the evolution of operational standards within the industry (evaluation of CT risk management, evolution of monitoring, SDR, SDV, quality issues, patient recruitment and working with new centres).

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Pharma in Eurasia: “Kazakhstan. Regulation and business- the new structure of the pharmaceutical sector”

When: Thursday 24 th September, 15:00-17:00 (Almaty Time), 12:00- 14:00 (Moscow Time)

The event will provide an overview of current changes in regulatory structures within the Republic of Kazakhstan, the reformatting of state regulatory priorities, as well as approaches to drug provision in the national pharmaceutical market.
During the meeting, the more challenging aspects of companies’ adaptation to current changes will be analysed, existing and projected volumes of the demand for drugs will be presented, and priority issues for the industry will be discussed with regard to the simplification of bureaucratic procedures (certification, registration etc.) and the integration
of Eurasian legislation in the field of drug circulation within the regulatory framework of Kazakhstan.

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Pharma in Eurasia: “Issues of registration and re-registration of drugs within the EAEU”

When: Wednesday, 14th October, 13:00-15:00 (Moscow Time), 16:00-18:00 (Almaty Time)

As of today, there are not many drug registrations on the unified register of the Eurasian Economic Union if we consider the total number of medicines circulating within the single market. Despite the existing procedures and lists of drug registration documents presented by regulatory agencies, or re-registrations in accordance with EAEU legislation, pharmaceutical companies still have a number of questions.
Join an interactive discussion regarding the approval of the reference state by other countries in EAEU member states, as well as an analysis of the best practices for submitting CT data and the preparation of the dossier for a successful drug registration.

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To receive a detailed programme and additional information about the event, please contact Elena Ricci yricci@lynx2market.com