The event gives an overview of the regulatory developments in the Eurasian Union and considers the harmonisation of national regulations and the implications of recent changes for the regulatory and product approval strategies in the region.

We facilitate an open dialogue between regulatory officials and the industry.

Covid.19 What to expect from a virtual event?

Online events consist of practical discussions which aim to provide valuable content that is essential for professionals in the industry right now. In such a cluttered digital space, a virtual event can be the perfect platform for getting the most up-to-date and in-demand information, while connecting with others.


Virtual events

Clinical Trials in EAEU

Regulation of CT in the EAEU
The evolution of risk management and monitoring
Industry development after Covid-19

EAEU Registration

The approval of the reference state
Preparation of the dossier for a successful registration
Best practices for submitting CT data

Spotlight on Kazakhstan

Current changes in regulatory structures
Integration of Eurasian legislation
New approaches to drug provision


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